Russian blue cats



Big TICA show Expokot 6-7 october Moscow

TICA club Jetcat invited nice judges from Europe and USA -Irene Knapp , Barbara Kissinger , Jay Bangle,Massimo Picardello , Bridgitte Berthelon , MaryLise De Landtsheer

Our Russian blue small girl Swaldiphary Kamiko became 2nd TOP BEST TICA kitten over all rings (1 AB , 1AB, 1 AB,2 AB,3 AB, 5 AB, kitten count from 65 to 72) :-)




Special Russian Blue cats show FIFe at Verona ,Italy,18-19.12.2010...
  There are near 40 Russian blue cats from Italy,Germany,Finland,Sweden,Switzerland,Nederland,USA,Latvia,Austria,Denmark in fantastically beautiful prechristmas Verona.And we could not ignore such importnat event.
TICA season 2009/10 ended-our results

RW,SGC SunnaNordica Ailil of Swaldiphary

Best Russian blue worldwide

Regional winner

2nd Best adult TICA of Russia   

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